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    Anyone has a link to a good tutorial that explain how to start coding a site from a fireworks design?
    I’m trying to switch to FW from PS but I can’t do some basic and easy things like exporting a logo or a part of a graphic in png. I’ve tried the slice tool, but it’s not the solution to all my problems…



    Any particular reason you’re forcing yourself to switch to FW?

    I actually don’t use any slices myself, I find any export from PS never works better than me cropping and editing manually.

    Rob MacKay

    I export as a PNG from Photoshop – then cut the bits out I need in fireworks – also creating sprites in fireworks is nice coz it give’s you a reference for each of your sprite items :) Plus fireworks is much better for saving images for web than PS

    But anyway – I would throw out the idea of exporting a site from fireworks using slicing if that is what it is. What I would do is just use it to take out the bits you want for the site – and build from HTML start point.

    It is very much like doing it from PS, just take the bits you want :)

    I would have a look at some PSD to HTML tuts and you will soon see there is no difference really.


    I’m forcing my self to switch from ps to fw to see if it’s really better for screen layouts.

    , I agree with you about the slicing. its pretty useless with nowadays designs.

    I know my way through ps to export or whatever for html, but I can’t find it on fw…
    I’m looking to a FW to HTML tut but I can’t find a good one, they all use the built in function of FW to directly create a html + css and I don’t care about that.

    Rob MacKay

    When you say FW to HTML – I hear “I want fireworks to code the HTML For me”

    Is that what you mean? :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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