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    I’ve added the following code to userChrome.css:

    .searchbar-textbox[focused] { min-width: 200px !important; }
    #PopupAutoComplete { min-width: 300px !important; }

    I have 4 questions:

    1) All forms’ autocomplete saved data popups (Subjects, E-mails, etc) have now got the attribute ‘min-width: 300px’. How can I limit that width to the Search Bar popup?

    2) Pressing ‘.searchbar-engine-button’ doesn’t open ‘.searchbar-textbox ‘ in ‘min-width: 200px’. How do I change that?

    3) Is it possible to set ‘#PopupAutoComplete { min-width:’ according to the current longest ‘Search Seggustion’?
    (As it works on ‘’).

    4) How do I set ‘#urlbar { visibility: collapse !important; }’ when ‘.searchbar-textbox[focused]’?

    Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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