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    I’m trying to figure out if there is a script that can do something like this or something. I have some of it but getting into loads of issues and trouble and would rather trying to figure out if one already exists so that I don’t heave to reinvent the wheel.

    Last Part of CMS Script:

    Integrated Results Management
    Event Booking

    Pre-Defined Arena List
    Unlimited Matches
    Hype Each Match
    Add / Remove / Reorder Matches
    Event Compilation
    Unlimited Matches and Segments can be posted from within the administration pages.
    Associate characters with matches and segments.
    Administrators compile events – drag and drop reordering of matches and segments to build card
    Archiving is done automatically. Once a show has been set to Public, it automatically appears in the show archive list. No further action is required by the card compiler.
    Flexible archive list – include a variety of information about each event, e.g. date, arena, what the main event was, custom comments.
    Win/Loss Records
    Administrators are presented with a list of the matches and the competitors. Select the match type, tick win, loss, draw or no-contest, everything else is done for you to count records and calculate statistics.
    Layouts are extremely flexible. Templates can be assigned per show type, and each show can have custom elements (images etc).
    Booking Notification

    Integrated Championship Management

    Unlimited Titles
    Singles, Tag or Stables can have titles
    List up to 3 contenders for each title
    All characters on champions/contenders page automatically linked to their bios
    Make titles inactive but keep the history
    Title Histories
    Title histories listed per title and integrated in with the character’s match history in their bio.
    Extremely easy maintanance for the card compiler or other site administrator.

    Book A Show
    Setup: Select Show Name, Enter Label (e.g. consecutive number), Enter location.
    Add Matches
    Title Matches: Select the championship being competed for during the match.
    Set Status
    Pre-Booking: Set new booking to "Pre Booking" to allow the administrator to build the card without giving away the match lineup to non-admin users.
    Booking: Set booking to "Booking" to allow members to submit matches and segments for the event.
    Compile A Show
    Edit Matches/Segments
    Set Participants: Participants headshots appear at the top of each match/segment.
    Set Interference: Interferences are listed on the character bio page of the interferer, but not specifically noted on the results.
    Reorder Matches/Segments
    Make Show Public
    Edit Title History Comments

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