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    Hello again people!

    I have here my final version of my companies website – please let me know what yoou think, any feedback will be much appreciated. (code and design!) … fault.html


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    Leaps and bounds of eons above your previous attempts. The bright green with white writing is still pretty harsh to me, burns my eyes….I really think you could swing a better, more professional color scheme. Did you ever try using that color matcher?

    And I don’t know if you read that testimonial at the bottom…but :lol: ! It’s just one long sentence and the ‘grab new opportunities by the throat’ is priceless. I understand you have to seize new opportunities, but not to the point of asphyxiation! :lol:

    # June 10, 2009 at 11:30 am

    lol, erm.. ok – the testimonial may change! That is 100% genuine as well.

    The colour scheme came from Kuler.. It looks pretty good to me – but i guess that kind of thing is down to opinion! I did try out a number colour schemes, struggled to get much opinion on here, but eventually went with the current due to the bosses approval!

    Changing the colour scheme for the entire site is very easy. What i may actually try is the Google splitter thing in anylictics. Where is splits the traffic. Problem is that its not the kind of site (i dont think) where it would be possible to see a real difference in user approval. Still, be something i try out.

    Thanks for the feedback :D

    # June 19, 2009 at 10:53 am


    Just looked at your site and I have to agree with teh other reviewer, you have to tone down those colours, basically in my designing experience the best user friendly sites are the ones with the white background and black or dark coloured texts. You have to remember that if people feel uncomfortable looking at something their simply not going to look at it and move somewhere else so its so so important that you get the colour balance right. I would recommend even working with your body background right now annd toning it down slightly to see the results and then taking it from there but my overall recommendation would be use a lighter colour for your content area and also your banner fades out to a colour the same as your body colour which doesnt look right.

    Dont want to sound harsh or anythin but colour and the user experience is important.


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