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    howdy, y’all

    i have a table (don’t freak out!) with 2 columns.

    i do not want to specify width for either.

    rather i want column 1 width to be determined by it’s contents.

    i want column 2 to fill to use all remaining available width.

    can i do this with max-width?

    my attempt (which doesn’t work)

    my widget, which sets it's own width, and pushes the column as wide as necessary

    My content, which naturally wraps to column width

    the undesirable result is that column2 does not fill all remaining available width, it just expand to fit its own content, like column1.

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    give the table tag itself a set width and the td’s should sort themselves out.


    Hey johnywhy,

    What you are describing sort of sounds similar to how tables will size by default when given 100% width. It’s a little confusing to understand what exactly you are trying to accomplish, so some more details might help :)

    To expand on that thought: you stated that you want column 1 to be determined by its contents, but column 2 to take up remaining space. How would that be different from column 2 being sized to its contents and column 1 taking up remaining space? An example of what you’re putting in both columns might be useful!

    Anyways, my gut reaction is that something as simple as giving your table width: 100% will do the trick.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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