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    I know a lot of website designers and developers enjoy using applications such as Coda to organize their files… but that solution doesn’t seem to be an option for me. You see, the clients I work with have both web and print media needs, so on any given project I tend to have a need to organize both.

    Currently I am using a simple folder system like so:

    – Client Name
    — Project
    — website folder

    website version (if applicable)
    — Print File A
    — Print File B

    This gets pretty unwieldy after awhile, particularly with the clients we work with that do regular weekly print runs with slightly different designs. I’m just wondering if anyone here has some recommendations for a more functional way to keep everything organized?


    I go like this:

    Client Name/
    —-Project 1/
    —-Project 2/


    I have a follow up question…

    what about more dev. side of organizing? How are folks organizing local databases, drafts of a clt website, then future backup? What about organizing stock photos / code / templates?

    What is your process of storing and deleting, work?

    I’ve searched this forum and still not clear on the process folks us….

    I find what i’m doing is a mess. Thankfully my mind is clearer then my computer so I can find things, but I know I’m wasting time and computer storage with what I got.

    It’d be nice if Chris or someone of his caliber did something like his #89 video cast “Organizing a Photoshop Doc” ….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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