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    Hey all,
    I recently began developing my first website for a newspaper, and as I’m building more pages, I find that the way I’m organizing the files for them in folders is preventing the pages to link to each other. For instance, I keep the index page and the style sheet that goes with it in the main folder. Then, within the main folder I have another folder that holds the html file for the opinion main page and the style sheet that goes with it. That system wasn’t allowing me to link my opinion page to my homepage. Does anybody have any advice for how to organize files when building a website? A couple things to note: I’m only working locally, and I keep all of my images in one folder inside the main website folder. Thanks in advance for any help and consideration!


    I think you have already seen the basic problem…over-folderisation.

    There is no reason to have page specific folders.

    Generally, and I think most people operate the same way….I have a single folder for my CSS sylesheets, another for images (although I sometimes have subfolders for image types), another for my javascripts.

    Pages sit in the root directory although there is no reason you couldn’t have a ‘pages’ folder.


    Furthermore, I’d say that the biggest problem here is that you’re using a static system. Using something like WordPress would alleviate this problem entirely!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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