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    This is a wierd one, may be an easy fix,

    Anyhow, don’t get on me for this being a total rip of the coda site, it is for my girlfriend and it is for free, so I didn’t feel like doing a ton of work…

    So, I have this pretty much working in IE 7 6 5.5, Works perfect in FF 3, Opera, Safari, but then she was trying to show it to her mom and the css rollover links are messed up in FF2, they only show the text, and the css image replacment technique is not working?

    Which is wierd because all the code validates and I’ve never really had problems with FF2 before

    Any help is appreciated.

    Here is the Site

    And here is the css

    Thanks in advance

    Love the site, learned a ton, maybe I’ll run into you Chris in some bar or something living in Portland as well


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    I usually use IE7 here, I guess if you want to raz me about it then I probably wont visit your site very often. Don’t need that.

    have you tried using Firebug on it?

    I did not look at the CSS but would think that the box must not be wide enough to accomdate the links on the top, so that is why they end up sideby side. Does the difference in margin and padding between IE and FF account for that.
    Try putting a "<br />" after each one, they do not seem to be li inks anyway. Dont know about the other links, must be something different between IE and FF.

    Anything I have ever seen says to code for FF first, get it working and then try IE, and change what you need to get it working in IE6/7.


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    p.s. to me, it looks OK in IE7, don’t use IE6 or lower.


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    Thanks for the reply, but maybe I was not clear in my post.

    My problem is with the buttons in firefox 2


    That is how it looks,

    Also, if everyone used a standards compliant browser I wouldn’t have half the headaches I have,
    So I’m trying to give back a little headache to you in a subtle but to some annoying way.

    But again thanks for the reply, but I’m still where I was before


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    The problem is definitely this:


    You are using that for the anchor links. You outta chuck that and get them using some more universally supported (display: block, float: left). There will be some rejiggering to get it all happy again, but shouldn’t be too much work.

    # October 17, 2008 at 3:12 am

    I set the elements to block, and aligned them with position absolute and it works great!

    Thanks alot, learned a ton of cool stuff from the site

    ever need any screenprinting done I work at, pdx company

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