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    > But all my designs don’t follow the same/similar trend.

    I have to say, your position doesn’t seem to be quite clear. Following the latest trend is wrong but following various is right?

    > me: it should address the client’s requirements and needs.
    you: That’s what minimalism is supposed to be about.

    You misunderstood and *I think* you have this misconception that minimalism is boring or lacks design, at least from the way I interpreted your writing. Minimalism is about the core information and leaving out the distractions.


    > I never sort to follow any trend with any design I’ve done

    But the work that is displayed on your site shows otherwise (including your old website). And this is why I become confused to your opinion. Your initial comment was describing unfavorably how every other site is minimal in regards to design. But your own site is designed that way.

    > I let the client & audience requirements guide the style of site I design, as most decent designers I know do.

    That certainly sounds great in writing.

    > Minimalism has it’s place when appropriate, as other styles do in the appropriate circumstances.

    To conclude my part in this discussion, I think the following tweet holds some truth:


    > Subjective at best.

    The facts are clearly objective.

    > Though I do find your idea that a body of work displaying a range of different styles means that work is following “all” the trends quite humorous.

    Even though you put in quotes, “all”, that’s simply a fabrication. That isn’t my opinion if you read what I’ve written nor is it my “idea”.

    Listen, my position to all of this is simply that it doesn’t make sense to knock down trends if you’re using those exact trends yourself. I think anyone would agree to that.

    > But I digress, and would suggest we avoid opening the can of worms that it would be if forum members started commenting uninvited on other members’ work.

    You wrote an opinion and everyone’s opinions become fair game for others to counter, disagree with and criticize as soon as they’re published. It’s a public forum.

    > It’s what a designer’s job should be.

    The reason I wrote that it sounds good in writing: some clients have ridiculous agendas/opinions. Not all requirements are possible. I’d rather educate them when it comes to these issues, not ignore them.

    > Ignoring a client’s preferences is the issue here. No one has provided suggestions of how to incorporate the client’s apparent preferences into the new site. That is the issue with the majority of comments in this thread, they’re basically suggesting the OP should simply ignore what the client wants.

    I disagree, I think @JoshWhite said it well.

    No one is suggesting for Steven to ignore the client. He should have sat down with this person to understand their overall goals, understand their identity. Just knowing the person is a Pianist really says nothing to me besides that they play a piano.

    You stated that websites should not be based on personal tastes, I disagree. Requirements can factor into one’s personal taste. Many of us are hired based upon it. Although, I agree with you 110% when it comes to those who basically create the same site for every client.

    > It’s completely irrelevant if you don’t like the example sites I posted

    It isn’t when some of those examples you implied were good examples actually have UX issues.

    Do you have all the content for this site?


    @deeve007, @chrisburton

    I think seven rounds is enough, don’t you?

    > Watch out Janet, …

    please don’t try to suck other people into this. There’s no reason for this debate to even exist.


    Yes, please teach me about “professionalism” with that last comment.

    Appreciate it.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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