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    I’m doing a site for my sisters new business start up. I’ve just finished the home page now. So if any of you want to have a look and have some suggestions fire away!



    You have a decent enough structure set up, but I’m afraid the design itself needs some work.

    The first thing you’ll want to look at is the color scheme. Green, black, pink, red and white. I’m not saying this exact color combination can’t work together, it’s just that it’s not working as is in this design. Adobe’s Kuler is a great tool for aspiring designers that sometimes can’t quite wrap their head around color combinations. There are numerous tools out there to help with color choices, but this is a good starting point

    /mini rant

    One of my biggest complaints about new web developers/designers is that they go right into coding a site before they’ve actually finished designing it. For example, you say that your home page is done and coded. Is the inside page even designed yet? Wireframes created? Do you know what the contact page will look like? Are there any special templates that need to be designed? You should have every single template designed in your editor of choice (I’m partial to Photoshop, but know many that use Fireworks instead), before you start coding it.

    /end mini rant

    Try fiddling with some things and post round two. (I’d recommend fiddling in photoshop, don’t bother coding the revisions until you are satisfied with them)


    Cheers for the advice, it’s all solid. I was thinking I should revise the colours, there’s just too much going on. I think I need to get the about box to stand out as well.

    Good point as well about the planning, I think I may jumped the gun a bit because I’m still waiting on a lot of the content for the rest of the pages.

    I’ll fiddle about with some things and post up when I’ve tried again.


    I’ve fiddled with the colours a bit but I don’t if they’re any better really, I’ve just tried to lessen the amount I’m using. Let me know if you think it’s a step in the right or wrong direction and fire away with any other criticisms you have, helps me learn!

    My sister originally gave me two sites she liked so that’s how the concept was developed.



    I think as far as the colors, you have two emotions fighting echother.

    The background looks somewhat eerie like a some swamp at night. While the page looks like an Easter egg party.
    Maybe try a white based background, I think you would have a much better success with that.
    Similar to this:

    also it bugs me that the text doesn’t line up with the lines on the page.

    The thing that says "have a Query" change it to question or comment, Query sounds too geeky if you ask me.


    Wow cheers that makes a huge difference, although I think the header graphic would definitely need to be redone :D

    See she suggested the black I originally had a lighter colour running along the body. I think there’s too many different styles trying to be forced into one design. One was the whole paper and folder dividers, then a larger graphic nature-ish graphic for the header and footer, then the black to kind of draw out a niteclub aesthetic. I’d nearly start all over again because it’s not coming across professional at all.

    Cheers for the advice lads.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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