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    Hi guys!

    I need some feedback and opinions about the design / code of this website:

    What you think?

    Thank you. :D


    I like the design. Clean and nice colours.

    Is there a reason that you need a <div> to wrap the images that just applies a class to them? You can add a second class to the image just by using a space between the classes. When I code a site I always like to add an HTML comment that names the end of each div so I know which div ends where.

    It can also be more appropriate to use the <strong> instead of <b> tag if you acutally want the item to have emphasis. If it is strictly a visual enhancement I use <b> but some will disagree.

    I notice that there is no conditional stylesheet for IE. Just wonder if you made sure the site works properly in IE 6 & 7 you may not need it but I find that normally you do.


    Very nice, very clean. Love the blue shades. I agree about the div class surrounding the images. I don’t see any imageElement class in your main stylesheet either. Maybe leftover?

    Also, looks sweet in all browsers, IE6/7 and FF3 on PC. :)

    Conditional stylesheets are not always needed so that doesn’t mean it’s not cross browser compatible. I’m always so happy when I code a new template and it works right off the bat with no conditionals need. Makes me do my little cross-browser-happy-dance. ;)


    Thanks for your feedback.

    About the images with the ‘imageElement’ class, its a javascript gallery i thought i need to put them all with that div to include them in the gallery. But i will check that.

    Yes i aways make sure that the website works in all browsers. Normally i dont create a different css file to fix bugs on IE, should i separete the files? And i will start using <strong> instead of <b>.

    Thanks mates!

    Sorry for my english, i hope you understand me :D


    btw, i’m having a problem with the space between h1.newsletter and the next <p> in IE6 and 7.

    Check out:


    Looks like your margin is being doubled. I’d create a seperate IE style using conditionals, and cutting the margin for that p within that div in half and see if it fixes the issue.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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