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    I work and design for a museum. We just rolled out a new mini site for an exhibition we put out. If possible I am looking for feedback, comments and constructive criticism. The site is already live, but feedback is very helpful for future project in helping me out in the future. Thanks in advance.

    Here is the website


    I agree with cybershot, the cut off tails of the dinos is really bothersome.

    I like the basic layout, the colors match very well, and I really enjoy the typography you chose for the headers with the dinosaurs names under the little tagline type things.

    Only other thing is I think your drop shadows are much too dark and too pronounced. Also, they don’t match. For exampel on the menu you have a drop down that faces straight down. On the sidebar boxes they shadow to the left & bottom, and in the header they are behind the dinosaurs. I think it makes it feel a tad disjointed since it makes it seem like the lighting is different all over the page.

    Looking over it once more I think if you gave your sidebars a matching bottom drop shadow (like the menu) and left in that nice blue-white-blue gradient as the sidebar backgrounds it would looks 100% more polished.

    But, forgetting all that, it still is a very good design (save for the dino tails ;P)



    The site looks nice from my perspective, although I seem some issues that should be addressed:

    1) The dinosaur on the right has some sort of copyright on it : "something" I can’t quite make it out. I assume because you’re designing a professional site that you have the necessary license to use this image? If not, I would either get a new one, or erase that white copyright. Spend some time on the pixel level in PS and fix that up.

    2)I agree with the tails being cut off – if you can get those in there, I think it would go a long way for that image.

    3) When you use the drop shadows, you have to pay attention to the hypothetical light sources that are suppose to be producing them.For example you have shadows on the left and bottoms of most boxes, but not on the menu, or down near exhibit features etc. I would try not to use those shadows to divide areas of the page, such as below the menu and between your two footer areas.

    4) The <h1> tag could use another font. Put in front of the square background, that font looks a little…odd…too blocky in my opinion. Maybe try "Lucida Grande", "Lucida Sans Unicode" or something. I’m not saying Arial is a bad font, because I use it as well, I’m just saying at that size I don’t think it’s the best.

    5) Have you considered rounding the corners on your content boxes?

    6) I would jazz up the " online community text" at the top. Maybe use images for each community site (ie, use a css sprite – 1 image to keep things quick and easy).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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