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    I hope your doing well.
    Would someone be kind enough to give me feedback on a
    Photography website design?

    Would you please let me know what think home page only please?

    Many Thanks for your Help and Kind Regards



    It’s a good start, I would recommend a bit of padding down the left-hand side between the page edge and the sections below the main image.

    The main image doesn’t stretch all the way across, but I’m assuming you know this? It really does need to, otherwise it just looks like you’ve made a mistake.

    Some of your ‘Read More’ buttons in the sections e.g. Beginners, Animals etc appear below the image, while others appear alongside


    Looks good. Mark mentioned the padding issue and the button on the right other than that the only thing i see is the logo at the top shop-ad-books.jpg “my photography blog” is wide but the color doesn’t match the background. Using a transparent png would work here if you need the whole width for the image or you match the color to the background for the jpg or just crop off the extra area and set the width in the css (if needed).


    The Main Image scroller, as mentioned above, doesn’t stretch well. On larger resolutions it leaves white space between the slides and the menu. When the window is shrunk, the main slide, and its text, disappear under the menu. I don’t, however, have any solutions at this time.

    Otherwise it’s a nice design.




    i can see that you are using Joomla 1.6 which is currently RC1, note on the joomla website it mentions that ” This is an evaluation version and is not intended for running a production site.”

    Maybe your template “joomlaholidayblog” is not compatable with Joomla 1.6? same goes for the components and modules that you are using for the slideshow etc

    Maybe thats why this template is broken? i would suggest that you rebuild your website using Joomla 1.5 maybe that will fix your problems!


    Many Thanks for all you’re great feedback!

    I’ve Done

    1. Added more padding on the left-hand

    2.The design been made more stark in order to make the photo’s stand out more.

    To Do

    2.Use a transparent png for logo area


    The main image doesn’t stretch all the way across this is because the layout fluid and the gallery fixed width this is something I have to fix but it will be ok : )

    Look forward to all your new feedback!

    I hope you all have a Great New Year!

    Kind Regards



    I think that the left and right button interface for the scrolling images/posts updates should be at the top and bottom of the excerpt. An example of what I am talking about would have to be the iTunes store, where the ads scroll sequentially by themselves but the user can change what is being displayed with an arrow that only appears at the base of the element.


    I like the general layout of the page. Very clear and easy on the eyes. A couple of changes I’ll suggest are –

    1. Shift the navigation menu at the top to the left so that it aligns straight with your slider
    2. The lines below each post title looks somewhat too heavy but at the same time it separates every post from other posts very clearly. So may be you can try a few horizontal lines of other styles and see if any other thing looks better.


    You new, darker, background is a fixed width. The layout breaks on larger screens.
    I do like the divider lines though!

    Chris Coyier

    The “noise” background is not wide enough.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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