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    I just finish this project , but as always , I start with an enthusiastic love with the first concept… but now I don’t know what to think , I mean I like it .. but I think something is missing… hehe…

    Well what do you think???

    In advace, thanks for u’r feedback…


    Some very large file sizes there, I stopped counting after I hit 3mb… Gotta get that down for sure.

    The text is a little hard to read (About Us page), but I don’t think anything other than a font change would help that. Maybe it’s because the paper background is a little too busy? I will say that when you use a paper background like that, it’s important that the text should break on the lines of the paper, otherwise it’s again more stuff for your eyes to fight with.

    I would prefer to have the menu as an HTML page.

    Looks good though!


    I like it on the whole, would agree that the load speed is pretty slow, I’d maybe loose the massive background images in favour of one decent one maybe a texture to make the file size tiny!


    As above with the speed but I thought the overall design had a fun, contemporary feel which fits the brief for burgers I think.


    I also think you need to add address details to your locations page.


    I don’ think there’s anything wrong with playful hand-drawn designs. In fact I think Kyle Steed does one hell of a job. I think this particular design does not appear professional but as if a child has created it. If you take a look at – they have a pretty cool hand-drawn looking design as well.

    These are just a few inspirational tips.


    I like it. But I´d take out the lined paper background. It´s not doing much- apart from adding to the download time!!!


    Hey guys , thanks for the feedback…

    I’ve just reduce several files to the minimum, but still, the site is about 1.9mb….

    After read your posts, I tried to convince my client to use only one bg….. but their are very married with the big Backgrounds deal…

    and yeah the notebook paper and the font is a little bit rude to the eye….. I would try other notebook paper variation to keep the concept….

    @ChristopherBurton thanks for the links!

    Yeah I keep telling the client that the address must be at first sight in location … but they wanted inside the map….. don’t know why ¿?

    Thanks for shop around to check this project and share your honest opinion….


    I agree with a lot of the points made, but my 2 cents is looking at this from a conversion perspective you should really show much images of the burgers themselves. Looking at illustrations of burgers doesn’t make me want to eat one. Looking at a well-taken photo of a mouth-watering juicy meaty burger DOES!!! Apart from the background image (of which I can only see the bun and the vegetables due to it’s positioning) there doesn’t appear to be any other clear burger images on the entire site – even in the menu section.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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