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    Hey all,

    My personal site went through a re-design a while back. I would love any comments/praise/criticism you might have on it, layout, graphic or coding.

    Many thanks in advance!


    Hmm…I had to re-adjust some css files to correct some IE6 errors. Take another gander if you happened to look at the page prior! :)

    Rob MacKay

    very peaceful lol

    the only thing I would suggest is to just the main image, which is nice, just move it up a little and let the content come up – at the moment I have to scroll to see your stuff, I think it would be a better if people we just given the info on arrival, without feeling like they have to work too much lol :)

    Chris Coyier

    The fade/glowy stuff in the navigation is fun. Very "illuminated" =)

    I’d work on minding a more solid grid down below. Plenty of stuff that could be more evenly spaced and lined up to feel a little tighter. Not sure if the dark blue link color is working either.

    Soh Tanaka

    I think its nice~

    Only suggestion I have are some usability issues:

    1. Blog page opens in a new window, I would actually integrate that within you site, so it runs as a solid unit, and not opening up in new windows.

    2. Contact page – I dont think the "Best Time to Contact You" and "Areas of interest" is really necessary, contact forms should be quick and short (since most people are lazy and may get turned off by how much they have to fill out), I think just sticking to the "must have" info would be good, and from there you can work out the details with your potential client :-)

    I also think you don’t need the "clear" button either, the form is simple enough where they probably won’t be needing to clear anything out automatically~

    Maybe make the "send" button pop more, and closer to your textarea, this way its easy to scan, nice, and neat :-)

    3. Your homepage has your featured work, I think they should click in directly to your featured detail page.

    4. Portfolio page, I think you should actually integrate both and … folio.html together, this way the user does not have to look for and make extra clicks to get a taste of your portfolio pieces.

    That would be it for me :-) Good job!


    I do like the site, however I think I can suggest some improvements –

    How about a gradient as a background, from a darker blue, to a lighter blue?
    I would change the font on for the main content, at the moment, to me, it feels slightly clunky.
    If you have the resources, a flash intro for your main image – something like the word ‘illuminated’ actually illuminated.

    Apart from that, I like it!


    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    Robski: I am in the processing of trying to find a way to reduce the size of the clouds and move the content up…currently, it’s that size to fit the stuff in the portfolio. Probably have to re-think the entire layout, but for now, I think most people will be enticed to scroll down and check it all out.

    Chris: You were right…the link color was pretty hard to make out. I changed it to #333 and it seems to be a lot better, thanks for the reminder! I also squeezed up and filled out the columns more…very astute observation, looks much cleaner now.

    Also, thanks for the reminder on the links from the homepage. I was having an issue with getting them to work and I abandoned it…they work now.

    Tom: Liked all your ideas…I did end up changing the font to georgia, adjusting the size and alignment. I agree, Times is the clunkiest font around, but I was going for readability and compatibility. I settled on George for now…I just want to ensure everyone sees the same thing if possible. I’ve played around with gradients but they never seemed to really flesh out the page and most times just seemed unnecessary, so for now I think I’ll leave it as a solid blue. And as for the flash…well, I don’t do flash and most times I just simply can’t stand it, but for that particular purpose, I’ve thought about that but unfortunately I don’t have any resources or people that could make it happen…sometime in the future….

    Other than that, thanks so much for the good compliments and feedback guys, I took it all in and I think the page is a lot nicer after the recommended tweaks! :mrgreen: 8-)

    Edit – Oh and I did change the quality, vibrancy and hue of the clouds. It increased the file size of the background by almost 30k (!) but I think it’s worth it…has a much richer gradient now.


    Hi! Soh Tanaka mentioned this already, that you’re using javascript to link to the Blog page.


    I’d skip that and go with a simple /blog/ link. I know no one likes to have a link opened "by force", especially when it’s stripped of menubars and other stuff. Fells a little too Ad-ish.

    Less is more, even if it looks like, less?


    Duly noted…I think I will make that change, especially since the blog links back to the main site. Thanks for the reinforcement on that. :)


    hi friend

    very nice work but can i suggest u something just make a header little sleek as content is also imp. and just try some slideshow using jquery … it add more fun to watch ur site this is what i think :D

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