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    I really need your feedbacks:


    Wow that really looks professional, however there are two things I would change. Number 1: Your footer – I think you should just have a link to all that information as opposed to putting it right on the bottom of the page; and number b: don’t italicise your password field – disfigured blobs just look kinda odd ;)


    Hey i want to add online games in my mobile.. can any body tell me from which site i can find out these games..

    Thx in advance..


    Overall I have no issues with the styling, the images everything looks fine in that respect.

    my beef is with the content layout, primarly the splash page. the offpages suffer slightly from the same problem but are hugely better than the homepage.

    There are frankly too many different content areas on the homepage, you are drawn in 100 different directions at once. Now this is probably quite a difficult fix since obviously you have a huge amount of information you want to get across on there, and thats fair enough.

    Starting with the 3 columns, fair enough I’m not a huge fan of 3 same width columns mainly because you are failing to define a main content area in my eyes, its hard to know where to go first (this is also the reason why the off-page are hugely better than the homepage)

    But fair enough, 3 column layout isn’t terrible, the problem begins when you start splitting each column further into 2 in random places down the page the content just becomes way to jumbled. This i reckon is the biggest issue with the layout.

    I would recommend trying to join up some of the information instead of splitting it so much. For example the bounding boxes around each item of the center column could function just as well surrounding that entire column, instead of breaking up each item on it. It would give it more top to bottom flow since each object its fairly relative and styled similarly.

    The latest x, last played, top members. etc. I would perhaps try to collate into a single horizontal span featurette. As they are they are all statistical info but have no logical place on the page. They are also pretty much too small individually to be split off in their own little box fragmenting the page.

    I would compile them together into a single block, so that if a user wants to see the latest stats, they know where to look and only have to look once.

    You have done a good job on styling and branding the site, but there needs to be some content work. I wont pretend its an easy task either because its got a ton of info on there for you to present, so by no means take this as being over critical.

    You’ve done a good job with it so far, I think some layout tweaks on the homepage could be hugely beneficial to your users..

    all the best


    This post gives me very useful information. There is something new that’s related to my hobby (games). Thanks!


    A 7 year necro… most impressive!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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