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    This is my company’s website. What do you think?

    Thanks for all feedback!

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    First I will say that I think it’s way harder to say it if you don’t like a design then when you like a design. Especially in a community like this one where you won’t offend eachother and won’t push down creativity.

    Personally I don’t like your design so much. No effence, but for me it just misses something. Something to spring out of the rest. The menu is original, but a little annoying and so is the scrolling portfolio. Maybe change it in some kind of fading portfolio? I would remove the gradient behind the text and last but not least: how did you make this website? It has got a lot of garbage in the source-code…

    I am sorry if I judge the website to hard, again it’s no effence, but I just don’t like it so much (yet?).

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    No problem. The only way to get better is with critcism. It’s when people go over board that its not constructive. So, no offense taken.

    First, yes, I agree, I need to change the scrolling portfolio, and I had a fading one in mind.
    I’ve actually had to go back and forth alot with redoing the entire site. Keeping a couple elements like the menu nav, but just redoing the whole thing. I find that alot of designer’s sites I visit impress me more when there’s something special like you’re saying.

    Thanks for the input. I’ll redesign the site and let you know when it’s complete again.

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    Should be brighter but keep the interactivity going :geek:

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    I recently redesigned this entire site. In the next week or so, I’ll post it.

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    Cool posters for the win! :P

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