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    Hi everyone. I’m launching a new design business that focuses on a specific target market and I’m hoping for some feedback before I start advertising.

    The site is up at

    Any constructive criticisms would be much appreciated. Thanks.


    I think it looks good. I really don’t like the h2 font choice though, especially given the choice for the h1, they clash a bit.

    It’s noticeable even more so on the home page in the header graphic. “…and the Healing Arts Community” doesn’t look very good under the nice “We make smart…”.

    I think you’ve gone with an excellent color scheme given the target market, very calming. I really like the nav.

    Not sure about the choice of ‘shazaam’ for the submit button. I like the quirkiness for sure, just not 100% on the professionalism. A Yoga studio is, after all, in the business of making money!


    I agree with TheDoc.

    I also really love the color scheme. It’s really nice.

    One thing though, the Call to Action button on the pages, the one with the class of button, I’m not quite sure the font matches.



    The mood that comes across is peaceful and natural – perfect for your target market.

    I also like the hover transition. Effective, while not “in-your-face”.

    Maybe it’s just me, but the small colored squares and rectangles in the header area (more visible on the subpages than on the Home page) seem to conflict with the overall peaceful almosr organic feel of the site. I’m guessing their purpose is to avoid a boring area of solid color. Maybe a gradient (I know – overused) or subtle texture?

    (BTW, I recognized the beach in the photo. I live a few miles NNW of your location.)


    Thank you everyone, very useful feedback!

    I agree with you on the H2. I’ll have to poke around for something that fits better.

    @Noah could you clarify?


    Duder man very nice site I must say. Maybe a bit of inspiration drawn from the css-tricks sites eh? ;)

    This is a stupid nit-picky thing and if ignored, my feelings will not be hurt. I personally would prefer to see an “onstate” in the topnav which differed from the “overstate” hover image thingy doodad. Does that make sense?

    Also the onstate for the Journal page doesn’t work (at least on my Windows Firefox 3.6).

    Good luck!


    Your top header repeating image is off, make sure you grab a repeating snippet of the image so the lines line – up. Also u have left and right borders on all your nav items except on the last you dont have a right, id either include that or lose the left 1 on the first one. Design looks good tho these are just small things

    Also to the admins of CSS tricks, your pw reset isnt working properly, when I tried to use it I got an email that just said “PasswordRequest” in plain text and thats it



    Sure. I mean to say that I just don’t think the button looks right. Like the font is wrong, or maybe too small. The next and the bubble its in don’t seem to match in my head. But that’s just my personal opinion. I think it’s a really great site.


    A well-thought out, attractive site (I especially like the footer background).

    I do agree with a couple of comments here: the fonts in the header seem slightly mis-matched, and the pixelated sections to either side of the beach image didn’t work for me personally — I wonder if there’s a way to use something lighter/brighter that still connects to the overall feel of the site, but brightens it up a bit? Or that could be a horrible idea. :)

    I would definitely suggest careful proof-reading, which I’m sure is on your to-do list anyway; there are several typos and/or omissions on the Profile page in particular.


    When you hover over “read case study->” the footer jumps up for about 2px in ff 3.5


    Wow thank you everyone for such great feedback. Each comment is really appreciated.

    Thank you for clarifying Noah. Thanks everyone for the little bug checks, I’ve already started implementing lots of your suggestions. Cheers!

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