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    I really recommend you give us a little back story of some kind, it helps us (me at least) get a better idea of what we’re critiquing.

    First off, please check your code: you’ve got 14 errors right now in your html

    I’d also recommend you use bigger full size images for your print portfolio; They look kinda small even on my 13in screen.

    Either add an actual contact page with an email form, or change the link from "Contact" to "E-Mail". When you click contact, you expect a page to open up with contact information, not you’re email client to suddenly start up.

    As for your design, I’ll start out by saying that twitter bird and plants in the other corner seem completely out of place. Maybe get rid of the plants all together, and find a different image for the bird; something flat or outlined to match with the illustration style of the post it’s standing on. While you’re at it, narrow that quote above the bird, it’ spills out of the sidebar too much.

    While I have no problem with the navigation menu being on the side, It’s just too far down from the top to be really visible, it took me a minute to realize where it was.

    Also, please convert the captions in the web gallery to Title Case, the all caps is really distracting, and doesn’t really match with the rest of the typography.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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