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    Afternoon! I finished my first website for my company at . Our old site was well….. crap (here is a link ) I believe my new design is more in to the 20th century. I was wondering what everyone thinks about it? How I can improve it, what it might be missing, over feel and look?



    Firstly let me say that for a first website you have done a great job, your codes clean and although i have only viewed it in chrome, i imagine it looks the same in all browsers.
    A few things to improve on, There appears to be a lot of white space near the middle/bottom of the page that looks out of place. I’m talking mainly about your three headings that have blue backgrounds, around them its just white, I don’t know, it just looks a little odd to me.
    Other than that its great, i really like the warehouse specific pages they work nicely with the rest of the site and display lots of information without it looking boring.

    Keep it Up.


    Thanks Al – will look in to your suggestions. Will post back on changes!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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