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    Hi everyone, feedback, good and bad would be GREATLY appreciated :D


    Hey WCMiller,

    Thanks for the feedback! The Recent Posts widget is getting ready for a custom poll widget and other widgets, allowing you to customise their whereabouts, from being able to move them around.

    And yes, i’m not a mac user yet, it’s cming in a couple of days xD

    The content will definitely be updated regularly, after my exams are finished :|

    Thanks a lot,



    To be honest, it looks like a bad copy of apple’s site to me, I can see using some elements from the apple site, for example the header. You used everything though, but it just doesn’t look as good, I think you should add some elements of your own and add a splash of colour. The reason the apple site works so well is while simple colour wise, it’s very media rich with plenty of images, and video which makes it look really good.

    Your site feels kinda boring especially because it feels half finished, the footer is 2/3 empty and it’s odd. Theres a strange bar above the sidebar showing up, see attached image. Also the search isn’t lining up in FF 3.6 on Mac. If you really do want to replicate the apple design, theres a lot more you need to do, while the apple design looks simple it has a lot of subtle things that really make it look good.

    The design has a good amount of padding and is overall spaced out well with a good grid structure but it needs work to be a great design.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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