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    I am sure this is an easy fix I am overlooking. I am new at jquery and have been altering the Featured Content Slider to fit my needs. I’ve set up a test link to show the problem below. I’ve added a 7th thumb and panel and the panel shows up automatically in the rotation, but the 7th thumb gets pushed down to the next row even though I made the #movers-row wider on the stylesheet.

    Is something else causing the thumb to bump down?

    Thanks for any tips!



    the only thing I could suggest is that you make it even wider to see if it moves up


    I’ve tried that and it only spaces out the first 6 thumbs further and still bumps the 7th thumb under the 2nd thumb on a new row. Any other suggestions?


    I do not have the answer about the thumbnails… however I do have a simple question about this can you link the large images to a URL? I did not see the instrustions any where… I’ll keep looking… thank you.


    you’ll need to change the width and possibly margins of “#movers-row div” and fiddle with the width of “.cross-link” (you might even want to just add a “.cross-link img” class and set the width there also – which may or may not be the same depending on whether you have borders and whatnot)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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