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  • # December 10, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    Hi all!

    Is anyone using the FCK Editor for WordPress plugin? I installed it and it is a wonderful replacement for the built-in editor but I have a couple of issues with it and can’t seem to find the CSS that covers them.

    When I click in the textarea, I don’t get a cursor.
    When I click in the textarea and press a key, I do get a cursor but the key I pressed doesn’t print.
    When I click in the textarea, press a key and then start typing, I do get a cursor, the first key doesn’t print, but the rest of the text prints just fine.

    This is very functional but it may be confusing to users. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on how to fix it?

    The other problem is that a resizing control appears at the lower right corner of the textarea which allows people to resize the box bigger than I want but then won’t let you resize it smaller again.

    I’ve scoured the docs and the files that make up the plugin and am stumped on both issues.

    I’d hate to have to switch to another editor as I really like the features of this one.

    # December 10, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    Humm, why do you like FCK have over TinyMCE? (I’ve used both and prefer TinyMCE, but I’m just curious)

    The only thing I can guess (if the plugin is working correctly) is that you might want to clear your browser cache. That’s always an issue when switching wysiwyg’s.

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