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    I have encountered this situation, after going through blogs and some R&D on the favicon, finally fixed the Issue.

    Important points regarding to favicon.
    1. Many browsers doesnt support the png and other image formats, So you need to convert your image to ico(Icon format).
    Many online tools are available for converting images to ico format. Keep the size to 16*16 (for consistency)
    across all browsers, and 16 color palette.
    2. “rel” – can also include icon or shortcut icon.
    “type” – optional, it specifies the type of the image.
    “href” – path can be absolute(www.icon/images/favicon.ico) or relative(../images/favicon.ico) paths.
    3. **Internet Explorer Browsers doesnt show up the images, untill you deploy them on the server.
    Deploy your project in any server(Wamp , IIS, apache) on your local system to show up the icon in IE.**
    I had spent whole day trying to execute this. I had built my application using Dreavweaver
    and on running to check on browsers, it was not showing up the image in IE. Finally after deploying
    in the server on my local machine showed up.
    4. **Need to clear all the previous browsing history, clear all data in the browsing history.**


    Good points, – – I’ve made a fair amount of (multi-resolution) favicons, and for whatever reason, IE is stubborn to show them. Rarely, they show up right away for me, – – but sometimes they take up to several days. They do eventually show, though. Seems like on most other browsers they show immediately. Having your favicon located right in your root directory rather than a folder will allow it much better odds with IE, and the image path can be simply ‘yourfavicon.ico’ . . . P.S. It doesn’t have to named ‘favicon’, any name is fine, – – as long as it’s an ‘ico’ file.


    It should be remembered that a favicon is not necessarily the same as a bookmark image.

    Some browsers support rhe latter and not the former…Chrome for one doesn’t always (ever?) have a favicon in the address bar but shortcut or bookmark and the image shows up.

    IE 10 does both AFAIK.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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