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    I am trying to get Fancybox to open images upon request. When the cursor hover over the image, there is a “Zoom” link on the top-left corner, and I am trying to get Fancybox to open it as a zoomed image, but it just redirects me to the direct image url.


    Can you provide a link?




    [Here is a link to the blog]( “blog”).

    [Here is the link to the code]( “code”)

    I’m new to jQuery and I don’t really understand how to use Fancybox.


    any help? :(


    When you say zoomed image, do you mean a lightbox with a larger image or something like this:



    I see you have fancybox binded to #zoom but you dont have a element with the id zoom, not in the published version anyway. You do have the ID in the code you linked to, odd. Could Tumblr be ripping it out? you could try targeting it a different way if this is the case. like:

    $(“.date a”).fancybox({options…});

    This should target the “zoom” button. Rather then what your using now


    Oh and the main problem is that you have not included the fancybox.js file, you’ll need to add that.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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