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    this rookie would like to know how to create a window that stays put at a z-index above and resizes as the screen changes size.

    Let me explain better, how many out there have played Fallout on xbox? Fallout has this screen between game segments that looks like a dirty window, or old monitor and I would like to emulate that on a site I am working on.

    I created a window with brass frame in Illustrator, and saved it as a png. I gave it a class name so I could position it at a z-index (10) and so I could style it to expand and contract with the browser window.

    So my code was not good and I have deleted it so dont ask for it now, but I could not get it to resize, I was not able to position it (I dont think I worked on that enough to figure out) , in short it was a disaster.

    I feel like I have seen something similar and that this is do-able. (why would you have a z-index code if not) and would like to add this to my site, any clues are welcome.


    Unless you’re simply looking to hire someone to do this for you, you need to give some example of what you’ve attempted, and what parts you had trouble with. Code is never useful if you simply delete it and don’t show anyone.

    There are some things about z-index that you should probably know before expecting it to “just work.” It’s a fairly complicated property.

    I would also suggest dealing with each of these issues independently, so you can get a good grasp on each issue, rather than trying to fix them all at once.


    Thats a fair request. When I get out of class today I will work with the problem again and archive all my code as it works or does not work. I dont think its a hard problem, I dont think I am familier with all the tools in code yet to make it work. Thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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