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    I’ve been fairly new to web design (css & html). I am fascinated by it and also intimidated and puzzled at times.
    Latetly I’ve been going thru some grids available for download and playing around with them.
    So after while, I was thinking to myself, could I produce on my own decent layout with css under 1KB(compressed)?
    So here’s what I came up with.
    For the grid I used css table properties (wanted to get away from floats, overflows and clearing issues) but I am also aware of problem with IE7 and below and who knows what else.
    I have few questions tho:
    1) If usable, how could one make it work in IE7 and below?
    2) Is it possible to make liquid layout down to a handheld device with something like this?
    3) Could something like this be considered for production or was it just an excersize by novice trying to experiment with something which is useless in real world?
    4) Is there a better way to produce layout with css under 1KB (compressed) than what I am sharing here with you?
    Here’s a link

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    Here’s slightly different variation:
    1) Removed border collapse in grid
    2)Added border spacing
    3)Removed nav id element and incorporated navigation in grid
    Total size of compressed css 912Bytes

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    sometimes it is easier not to “reinvent the wheel” when there are good solutions out there already

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    I am familiar with that saying :) and it is true most of the time, specially reinventing by someone who’s just learning and got no good grasp of CSS. That happens all the time to me when I start learning something new and eventually going back to what’s proven and learn it right way, ha ha. I’ll get there. Thanx Daniel.

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    @jurotek Experimenting like that is exactly how I learnt CSS. Keep it up!

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    thanx Josh, yes I will keep it up cause I like new challenges and dislike copy and paste without understanding what I am doing. It reminds me my early days in DB development when I constantly messed around with entities, attributes, normalization, dependencies, relational algebra and SQL till I got it right and made good living at it. Unlike DB Dev, web is more forgiving (or at least it seems to me that way) that it allows you to do some things more than one way. And as you know yourself, the solution which is the simplest or more appropriate is sometime hardest to find. But you’ll never know till you experiment and beat it to death :)

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    joshua is right in his way
    what I meant was that sometimes it is better to have a solid grasp of basic stuff in HTML + CSS before doing some more advanced stuff

    talking from personal experience I knew lot of more advanced stuff had a good overview of different techiques and was missing some basic udnerstanding who all connects together

    that was my biggest problem when I was starting out in web design stuff
    experimenting is good in some cases

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