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    Hello all,

    With sites like Theme Forest etc, beautiful web designs are ready-made available cheap.

    My question is, what are the ethics of using templates for client work. Do I tell them I’m using a template? Can i still charge for design/build time?

    I’m always so tempted to use these templates but I’m not sure if its ok.

    Any and all feedback on this topic would be greatly appreciated.


    # January 30, 2009 at 9:07 am
    "TheDoc" wrote:
    One of the reasons why web sites cost so much is the amount of effort put into them to make them unique.

    Buying a template for a client is fine, especially when you have a very short deadline, but the client MUST BE AWARE that the product they are receiving MAY BE DUPLICATED elsewhere on the interwebs.

    So, ethically (and probably legally depending on what is in your contract), you are required to make your client aware of that fact.

    Of course, you can make them aware that the chances of another site they are in competition with using the same template is almost zero.

    You obviously cannot charge for design/build time, but you can charge for template tweaks, integration of their logos/colors, but then will probably only be a couple of hours.

    There are some great templates out there, and for very cheap, but that uniqueness is gone.

    Hope that helps!

    i agree with this

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