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    My website ( is having problems with the jquery functions and I believe it is related to multiple (at least two) conflicting jquery libraries. For example – you will notice that the slider will not slide and the ajax tabs on the right display more than they should and don’t allow for the clicking of other tabs.

    Right now I have identified at least two libraries being called, based on using firebug to take a look at what comes up in the header. These are:


    The second one is clearly in my directory and I can remove it. When I do, everything works, that's how I know there is a conflict in play. However, when I do, the function still tries to call the library and I can see on that it takes a long time to try to call a library that isn't there.

    What I really want is just one jquery library that will function for all my jquery on the site and to leave it at that. Unfortunately I do not know how get at the functions that seem to be calling these libraries, as they don't appear in my header.php or footer.php (at least not out in the open, they might be deep in side say wp_header() or wp_footer()?).

    Can somebody help me clean up my jquery references so that I can incorporate more jquery and not have to worry about conflicts?



    Hi Dave!

    The second copy of jQuery, version 1.2.6 is located immediately after the google analytics code, so I’d guess it would be in the footer.php file.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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