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  • # February 1, 2013 at 8:10 am

    Hi, I am and old computer student but I have not been developing for 15 years.. and know i am making a web page for my wife.. and I am having many problems and this is one of them..

    I have to boxes on my web page in the right box a thumbnail picture is.. and when mouse is hovering over I want it to open opp a big picture on top of the box to the left side, .. this I am able to do..

    the problem is width the location of the thumbnail if I float it in the box then I am not able to get the enlarge image to aper out side this box..
    and I cant use position command in the html file.. this is because I need to be able to load different page setup for different screens.. I know this is not a good solution ..

    In the file you will find eks1.html this shows how I want it to work..
    eks2.html is showing my problem.. the image is stuck…


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