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    I work for a web design firm and we have always had a problem with our customers starting a web project with us and then it doesn’t move for months, years sometimes. Then when they come back they want the web site done in a hurry which effects all the other projects we are working on at that time.

    I know a large part of the problem is that we don’t have an in house copywriter and copy writing is only included in about 10% of the projects that come in.

    So outside of bringing on a copywriter does anyone have any tips on how to encourage customers to complete their websites while keeping them happy? Does anyone use any sort of time table to complete a project, pricing hurdles or any disclaimers that helps prevent this type of behavior?


    It really is tough. I find almost every project gets held up waiting for the client to provide content. No matter how many times I stress that it is a time consuming part of the project, my warnings are ignored.

    Making sure I do multiple stages of billing helps so that I’m not waiting for a big lump sum at the end.


    We require a 50% deposit as well and have been for years but we still have a large percentage of projects that just sit. We follow up with the clients weekly and they usually tell us they are busy. Some projects I feel the wrong person was put in charge of the website and they have nothing to gain by completing it so they just don’t do anything.

    Glad that I’m not alone on this one and I’m grateful for the responses. Just wish there was something new that I could apply to deter this type of behavior.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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