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    I suppose this is somewhat of a challenge as well. Here’s the story but first thanks to Chris for already lending me a hand through email before this forum went up on this same situation.

    My client needs an unordered list to the left and an empty map of the facility on the right. when you hover over the li that is a link a highlight appears on the map showing you where that particular are of the facility is on the map. So the health clinic area turns red.

    I got it working and lined up after some problems on my initial approach but one thing is still plaguing me.

    its not working in IE6 at all.

    I had done this technique in the 1.0 version of my portfolio and forgot that what happened in IE6 when you hovered the link was that the span did infact show up but it never went away. it would stay there. in essence the display:none worked untill hovered and it sort of toggled on with no way to turn it off instead of disappearing once you moused off the link.

    for whatever reason though this approach isnt showing up at all in IE6. much less that problem. works in all browsers.

    I’m currently trying to learn some jQuery basics to hopefully accomplish the needed affect but if anybody here knows a way to fix this for IE6 i would love the help.

    here is the link: it’s just the code thats relevant. I deleted everything else.

    View it in FF or any other decent browser first to see how it should behave.

    also.. if anybody knows how i can do this in jQuery let me know or pm me or something.

    Thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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