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    I don’t use WordPress. I have my own homerolled CMS (robopages) I’ve been using for years. I’d like to find an open source forum that can be embedded as the contents of a DIV inside my CMS layout. In other words I’d like to hack an existing forum package so it became a plugin to my system rather than a stand alone system. I don’t want to use an IFRAME.

    At first glance it might seem like the hacker (me) would only need to take the HTML HEAD and BODY tags away from what ever templating system that forum was using. But it isn’t quite that simple. Most forums do conditional branching here and there, before any output is generated:
    if($some_condition) { header(“layout: ?xyz”); } etc. But some systems are harder to modify than others.

    Does anybody know anything about how to do this? I see cloud-based embeddable forums are popping up like rabbits. They all seem to rely on huge amounts of javascript. And cost a monthly fee.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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