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    Hi guys. I’m trying to add a way to share a page from a website with ( I have everything in place and it looks great, but I’m curious about one thing…

    When a user clicks the embed button (you can see exactly what happens from the link I provided) it pops up a card with an embed link for that person to copy and paste in with their code so other people can click it and it opens that page in a new window. This all works great, but what I would like to be able to do is once they copy and paste that embed code, it’d be nice if it would show up on their page as an iframe at a set size without having to launch another tab. I could use something like:

    <iframe width="50%" height="400px" src="blahblah.html" style="-webkit-transform:scale(0.5);-moz-transform-scale(0.5);"></iframe>

    This will only of course show on my page, but I would like it to display that way on someone else’s page once they get embed link. I’ve been reading up all over and everything I see that does embedding goes about this the same way. Is there a way I can do this safely and maybe not even have to use Any quick tips or ideas would be great. Thanks guys.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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