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    I am doing some email marketing and so i am using tables-based production with inline CSS…. limited css here as most of the stuff being used is images. Anywyas, i saw the css-tricks screen-cast on email production ( … tml-email/) and the article ( … eal-story/).

    I have designed and produced my email and it looks great in most email clients except one… HOTMAIL.

    Hotmail is giving me about a 2 pixel bottom margin on every table row and im not sure whay and hwo to get rid of it. Ive tried firebugging to find the problem and no luck.

    Here is a screenshot from hotmail that shows the problem, I am using Firefox on a Mac.

    Here is my email HTML code, everything is direct paths so if you just copy/paste this in a new HTML file it will display properly.


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    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    So, this was a few months ago, and you probably found the answer somewhere else . . .

    but the problem you are having is you needs to style your img’s as display:block; — that way they will not have that little bit of extra space

    depending on how screwy my total design is, i either inline style each img as display:block; or since hotmail allows style blocks


    Hotmail does this because hand wavy answer here and it sucks (yea, that’s opinionated)

    There are also email inline stylers . . .my personal fav is

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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