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    Hey all, I was curious if anyone else that uses MediaTemple’s (dv) has contact forms that send emails setup. I can’t seem to get any form mailer to work. I’ve tried several including the one Chris’, and they seem to work on my personal (gs) account.

    Problem is that (mt) support said that specific help goes beyond their ability to lend assistance and I can’t find any articles in the KB that say I need to do anything specific to get those types of scripts to work.

    Anyone had similar issues or has any suggestions?


    # March 9, 2012 at 3:42 pm

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    Figured it out – if anyone else has a problem – even if there are NO mail settings whatsoever (the “mail” area is completely blank with no results), you’ve still got to alter the settings and completely disable mail of any kind. It isn’t intuitive because you might assume that something will exist in the list to be edited, but just click “edit” anyway and you’ll get some global options.

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