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    The em element in my markup shows up in my code-pen but not on my web-server.

    Here is the test-case:

    Here is that test-case on my webserver:

    Notice the paragraph content, “gentrify narwhal normcore direct trade green juice, bicycle rights four loko franzen 8-bit food truck letterpress flannel banh mi paleo.” parses in italics perfectly? But this exact content on my web-server doesn’t parse in italics. Why is that?

    I Googled, ‘italics html not showing up’ and ‘emphasis html not showing up’ which returns a detailed stackoverflow answer: but this answer doesn’t address the problem I am describing. That search query on Google also returns Coyier’s ‘Beautiful-HTML’ image.


    It’s probably part of the reset you are using which is overriding the user agent standard behaviour.

    You can check this using developer tools.

    If you check the Codepen you can turn on CSS Reset and it’s not italic….if you use Normalize (recommended)…it’s fine.


    Thank-you, @Paulie_D. That resolved my issue. =D

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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