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    Hey, I’m very interested in kanban design and I would like to build some kanban layouts to learn some new skills, I’m still a beginner but I did already a lot of simple layouts.
    What I want? I saw the site of this app is called Tweetdeck and it’s exactly what I like to be able to do, So my problem in CSS is now
    how do I give an element to be 100% height (in the case of Tweetdeck the tweet Stream boxes) So it needs to take the whole height of the users monitor without to trigger the standard scrollbar in the browser.
    Every box needs to have it’s own scrollbar vertical, by adding more boxes it need to get a horizontal scrollbar on the very bottom where the whole page with all boxes can be horizontally scrolled.

    I hope someone can explain this to me maybe with an codesandbox example or something.

    for the one without an tweetdeck account here an screenshot Thanks you ,


    It’s probably easiest if you provide us with the example code that you have in a demo, showing any issues you’re having in the layout you’re trying to achieve. Folks here tend not to code anything without you proving the starting point. Help us to help you.

    Generally speaking, look into using 100vh value for your outer container’s height property (e.g., and for scrollbars/no scrollbars, have a look into the overflow property; you can add or remove scroll bars from the X and Y axis individually if you need to.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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