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    Hello friends,

    Its been a long time since I posted here to get a review on a website. Last time it was my own site [which totally sucks and i need to redesign it :(] But this time I need your views and suggestions on a client’s website which I am working on. It’s still not complete and any kind of suggestion would be of great help to me. I am not that good in designing and in this project, I had to design the site and then code it, rather than what I generally do, that is take up projects where I just have to convert the PSDs to xHTMLs. I learned whatever I could from different designing tutorials and implemented it here. So am bound to make some mistake or the other in designing it properly… Here is the link to the website.


    Thank you in advance 8-) I know you guys are going to help me out like always :P


    It’s nothing amazing, but I would say there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the design.

    There’s no point in having "Inquiries" and "Contact" though, they are the same thing.


    Your tabs need to be redesigned. The gradient you are using should span vertically or be changed all together with the idea that the light source is directly above it. maybe create a button with the FX in Photoshop? Not to say that JS navigation is good to use but you might want to consider sprucing up your site with some JS rollover event where the color bar slides over to the link. I think once you do that, you’re site will function well for, what it seems like, the target demographic is. You might want to use the sliding door method or sprite mapping to create the site if you aren’t already. In any matter, create one light source and stick with it and change those tabs, they’re not working.


    It’s a nice site that feels professional, however I would remove the menu from the bottom that mimics the one at the top – why not just have a "Back to Top" icon? Also don’t forget a favicon!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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