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    Hi folks.
    To change css I’d usually use a tool like yellowpencil, and that usually works great. However, this is for a client site that was built already, theme support has dropped and client doesnt want to plunk for another $70 or so~Knowing the lcient htere’s a 100% chance that anything changed now will need to be changed again, so css seemed quickest/lightest way.

    Issue is the login page on a site; to change the text of solely the login form.
    This link to the ugly demo build
    essentially to change text for ‘register as a service seeker’ and ‘register as a service provider’.
    Neither field is available when logged Into the site to pull up and use a tool on, you see~

    I’ve tried direct myself but with no success at all as bluntly Im not very experienced with it. Seems that its the ‘active’ state part of the form that I may be missing out on, or just not getting right.

    Any and all help greatly appreciated!~


    Using a bit of JS would be easiest:

    jQuery('span:contains(Seeker)').text('Some New Text');

    Targeting it with CSS would be a workaround, you could overlay the current text with a pseudo element. That’s all that comes to mind.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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