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    Hey Everyone,

    I’m working on a client site right now, and they sell DVD’s through an online store. They’d like to be able to also stream purchased DVD’s that they sell through the website. I think that they would like that the videos be only available while logged into their account online (no downloads).

    Someone mentioned to me that it’s a major pain hosting your own videos (he cited Señor Coyier).

    Does anyone know of any tried and true solutions? or paid/free services that work well?

    Thank You,

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    Depending on client numbers AWS (Amazon’s cloud) might be worth looking at. You can have tokens to allow loading etc and that will remove the bandwidth problems.

    You could combine this with JWPlayer (depending on the video format) to ensure it works across devices.

    However it could end up getting expensive. Also aren’t there copyright issues that they might have to consider?

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    Thanks for your response. The copyright shouldn’t be an issue (I believe) because they are the right owners and creators of the videos.

    I’m not sure if they are willing to dish up a large sum of money for the project though. This definitely looks like a feasible option (although might require me to learn a bit more about how to secure the library). Given the fact that they may not be willing to dish up the money for this option, do you know of any other good alternatives?


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