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    I have a site built that basically allows you to view a short version of the registered users profiles in a a box about 700px wide by 300 high. In this box basic info for these registered users is echo through out the box set up with divs and jquery.

    My goal is to make the each div box which displays each separate users data a clickable link. When clicked I want it to link to a new page that shows the full page of that users profile instead of just the small preview they get from the browsing profiles page.

    After making this box a full link I also need direction in setting up a page that the viewer will be sent to. Basically how should I set the profile view page up? should I make a complete new page echoing out the date like in the short view box? or if there an easier way of just making the profile expand?

    Please first social networking user profile site any help would be appreciated.

    I have a script.js file which I could add code to and then I could go to the profiles.php page and add the reference if someone can give me one.

    If you would like me to post code just let me know… I didnt want to fill up the post with tons of code for yall to sift through.


    By the way the reason this is in php is because the main issue is displaying the users data from the data base which im working with in php. i need to give access to view only to viewers passing through the website.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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