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Easy Slider 1.5….anything but easy! :)

  • # June 30, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    OK….granted I am totally a rookie here…but I am SOOOO stuck!

    Could anyone look at this page:

    and help me with either of the two big problems I am having???

    Problem #1: When the content is loading (3 content div’s worth) it shows ALL of the content before it collapses into the slider.

    Problem #2: The previous content doesn’t disappear when you click the button, but rather scrolls way off the page (either left or right).

    Both of these problems will be blatantly obvious when you go to the page :)

    Any ideas whatsoever that could fix this? If any code is needed, let me know, happy to share it!

    I’d greatly appreciate any help!


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