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    I had a coworker come to me for some advice on maintaining a website. She doesn’t have any experience with this sort of thing, but the club she is a member of is going to be losing their "web boss" (under pictures). She is going to try to maintain it and was wondering what software etc she should use. She also mentioned that the club could pay me to show her how to do it.

    I was looking at the website, and it appears that the guy was unfortunately using FrontPage. What would be a good suggestion for software to maintain the site? I’d hate to recommend finding a copy of FrontPage. I thought Dreamweaver would be too big for her. One friend suggested helping her set up a wordpress site, but isn’t that going to take some know how as well?

    Any suggestions?


    I was kind of in the same situation 2-3 years ago, I was asked to maintain a web site, I did not know
    anything about HTML/CSS but did do some of the online tutorials ( is one), and
    now usually code/edit the web page in NOTEPAD. I don’t use any software package to create the HTML/CSS.

    Therefore I cannot recommend any software package for you to use, for one, you would need to learn
    how that software works along with learning how the HTML/CSS code works. Large learning curve.

    If you have access to the server that stores the web site, you should download copies of the pages and images
    and everything else that makes up the web site. Download this to your PC into a work folder. Then create a
    backup copy of what you just created and then try editing in your work folder. Clicking on any .html file will
    display that web page, then if you make mistakes when you try to change things, all you are doing is changing
    a work copy anyway and you can return it by using your backup copy. None of your changes to your work
    folder will be reflected on the live web pages until the changed files are uploaded to the server so play around
    with them all you like.

    In my case, I created a folder called "website v1.0" which contained all of the pages and images from the web site,
    then I created "website v1.1", copied "website v1.0" over to it and then changed only the files in "website v1.1".
    Once I was satisfied that the changed files in "website v1.1" were correct, then I uploaded the changed files to
    the web site server.

    good luck with this task, large but surmountable,



    A book and wordpress. Anything related to wordpress should die a fiery, painful death.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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