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    Could somebody recommend me a good CMS, easy to build and use for e-commerce website.

    Thanks for the help

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    That question will get as many answers as there are CMS, especially if someone really likes a particular CMS.

    On CSS-Tricks the answer you will get most is WP.

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    Magento is best

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    Choosing a cms can be a very complex thing. You must be careful for hidden costs, security or performance issues and many more.

    For a comparison you better use

    You can find a good list here

    I hope that helps

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    At first i was thinking of using Magento but i am not so sure now as some of the features are missing which i need for this specific project.
    @Pauli-d I am also a big fan of WP :)
    @gecko Thanx, i did go to that website and it helped a lot.
    During a meeting with all my team members we decided to build a custom CMS for this project.
    Thank you all for your help :)

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