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    I built this site ( some time ago and now they (the client) wants to change the colors of the borders.
    I tried to find a way to do it without images- no luck.
    It’s vary important that the borders style (dots, etc) and the rounded corners stay the same and must work in IE and FF.
    Any suggestions?

    I want to do this dynamicly (in the code without images) because the client has decided to change the color every year.

    THANKS :)

    "TheDoc" wrote:
    Until CSS3 is standard across all browsers, you’ll need to do it with images.

    same as doc says….. but:

    you could take the images and change the colour of them in an image editor, and throw them back up as the same file. very quick and no change of code.

    if you are just needing to change what is already there and working…..

    in the gimp you can select a colour and change it very easily, thats what I would do, if the client only wants a colour change but keep the same look

    plus you could save the new images as something different and make another css file, in fact you could do this any number of times, and make a script that will load something new in the CSS.

    I have a random script that randomly changes some text on a page, there is no reason why you can’t amend it for the CSS decleration

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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