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    I’m designing a new site, until now I’ve done my own HTML+CSS+JQ but I haven’t needed any dynamic (blog-like) pages. The new site I’m designing is mostly static as well but I would like one page for “news.”
    My original thought was to do the whole thing on WordPress but I find it easier to do the Static pages by hand.
    How can I create the one dynamic page so that new items can be added regularly without going into the code etc?


    You need some sort of CMS to do this as far as I know. I’d use, though. Much simpler and less folders you have to deal with.


    Personally I would rather turn the whole site into a WordPress theme. Building a custom theme really isn’t that hard and you’ll find loads of tutorials on it online. How the process usually works, and this is how I build all my custom themes, is I start building the whole site in HTML / CSS / JS and once that’s been done, I start breaking it down and building the wordpress theme using that code.

    Depending on the deadline of the project, it could be a nice learning experience. Knowing how to build custom WordPress theme’s is always going to be a handy skill to have.


    check out

    SUPER easy to add CMS-like functionality to an already finished site by dropping in some classes (cms-editable and cms-repeat which creates repeatable regions).

    it’s free for the first 3 sites and has some really nice features.

    mr coyier did a tutorial on it a few years back:


    Thanks, These are all great answers.

    any good tutorials that you can specifically recommend, or just a good ole google job?


    []( “”)

    I like the website for WordPress theme development, they have some nice tips and tutorials for it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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