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    Hi, I successfully followed this Tutorial.

    If you go to my site projects page and then click on the “WEB 2” image in the bottom right hand corner it will take you to here.

    Now this is working ok except for one thing. For the page which is dynamically generated none of the javascript works. Here is an example of how I wish the “#projects2.php” page to display. The gallery is fading between images using javascript of course.

    Another thing im wondering is if it is possible to have dynamic image thumbnails for the categories. For example if I click the birds category all of the image thumbnails fade and the birds category ones fade in. I guess im asking if the dynamic page can have nested dynamic pages if you know what I mean.

    I am a complete newbie to javascript, and I think if I could get these few things sorted I would be doing very well.

    Thanks for listening.


    Maybe I am best showing you another site which has achieved closely what I want to achieve.

    If you look at this site you will see the thumb nails, and when the user clicks on them the top image changes. How are they achieving this, I notice theres no # in the url, but its not loading a whole page each time.

    Basically I want what they have. However, with a few modifications. I will be having categories for the thumbnails which can be changed dynamically on the page. I will also be keeping my fade and scroll to animations when the user clicks a thumbnail. Also when the user first goes to the categories page they will just see thumbnails and not a default large image and description. Basically how I have it working on my site at present. I prob am doing it totally the wrong way, which I realize now. I just stumble upon these tutorials and think great this will work for me, but its never that simple :(

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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