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    I’ll be happy if anyone could help me with this:

    1) How to remove :hover background for search field in menu? Why my class nohover not works?

    2) How to show dropdown for hovering li, not only link?

    3) How to hide toggle if isnt toggle or togglelink hovered?

    4) Why second dropdown menu not works?


    (edit – which apparently got lost but that might be better).

    Sometimes even code embedded JS gets put the the filters….at least hat looks like the reason.


    Edit – I think I might have done it again though (oops but no problem)…

    I’m recommending always using Codepen to demo JS/JQ.


    I’d break this down into a few points first.

    The search input shouldn’t, in my opinion, even be in a list item. It’s not a navigational object really. I’d much prefer to remove it, make it’s own thing and position it separately.

    That would solve Problem #1 immediately.

    I also notice the same ID being used more than once…that’s a “no-no”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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