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    I`m just a beginner, trying to build my website.

    I have a problem with a horizontal drop-down menu – made with 2 levels UL.
    The second UL stays hidden, but I can`t grasp what to do to make it visible by hover-trigger from first UL

    Its like my 18th hour spent on it, going through forums and CSS books and Im still missing something.

    CODEPEN code

    I hope a link to codepen will be enough.

    I`d be very grateful for at least a hint what is wrong.

    Ok, got it partly solved, HTML typo

    Although, still figuring out how to line a second UL horizontically, below the first UL.


    Here’s one I keep around.

    I have JS/JQ adding some classes but you can do that manually if you want.


    Thank you for your feedback Paulie.

    And thank you wolfcry.
    I figured out HTML nesting typo earlier (wrote that in edit).

    Thank you for your advice regarding code. Im just playing around with it and its much comfortable for me to have units and code snippets everywhere right now – in case I wanted to see how it would change if I added some padding, or other elements – I have them all at hand.
    I know its not very pro, but Im not a pro. =)

    Thank you for your time and advice.


    The kind of things wolfcry is suggesting —clean code, indentation, classes where needed but not everywhere, removing unnecessary css— aren’t things you should do because they are “pro.” They’re things you should do to make your life easier, whether you’re playing around or serious.

    Trust us, it’s not nitpicking: it really will benefit you.


    Traq – I know it’s not nitpicking.
    I’m learning both ways – from basics, and by reverse engineering, trying everything and gradually cleaning my code to cleanest working version.
    That way works for me. In time I will know enough to write clean from scratch, but now seeing context is beneficial for my learning how each property and value works in practice.
    I’m not experienced enough to know what effect any change will make, before I see it.

    Thank you for reading and answering.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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